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Craigslist Search Engine updates

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The Craigslist Search Engine is undergoing several upgrades

After looking at our old site since 2009, we decided to throw it out and create a completely new version the Craigslist Search Engine.  The new design is mobile phone compatible and delivers a much cleaner look and feel over the old version of the site.

We are working hard to bring you a better experience while using the craigslist search engine, there are many changes coming this year and we are coming up with new features to add every day.

We are launching a new version over this week

We just finished creating a new version of the site, as the week passes, we will be fixing any nasty little bugs that pop up.

We have removed all the sub-domains:

You may have used Craigslist Search Engine to search craigslist in different states, each state used to have a full domain name like, well that was confusing to the search engines and they thought that there were a bunch of web sites with the same thing on them.

The search engines would then ignore most of the site and make it harder for you to find the locations where you actually wanted to go.

The new version of the site now works under a single domain name and everything is nice and neat in a proper directory structure.

The sub domains are still there, and you can still go to them, but when you do go to, say, it will perform what is called a 301 redirect and drop you into a sub directory of the main site.  So everything is done automatically for you.

Soon, all of the sub-domains will be removed from all of the search engines and just sit, all alone, gathering cob webs.

The good news is, if you have book marked one of the craigslist search sub-domains, you will always be taken to the proper place on the new version of the site.

The only issue you may have during this transition period, is a redirect notice from the sub-domain to the main site.  Other than that, there should be no issues with the site changeover.

We have remade the user interface

The first thing you may have noticed about craigslist search engine is it's updated user interface, We have made our site mobile phone compatible and is best viewed in landscape mode, but it is also designed to work in portrait mode as well.

Whether your mobile phone is in landscape or portrait mode, everything that is important for proper usage is above the fold giving you a really good mobile phone experience.

We have also moved the list of states you can search craigslist in.  The craigslist search states is now located in the top nav bar of the site, titled "Search Craigslist by State".  This drop-down menu lists the top ten craigslist search states as determined by our incoming search traffic.  The menu also contains a link to search craigslist nationwide and a link to more search locations.

We felt that having all searchable states listed on the main page, really cluttered it up, so we gave our change search states area it's own page.  We are also making it very mobile phone friendly



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